Possum Merino Silk Knitwear


Possum Merino Silk Knitwear

Brushtail Possum Merino Silk Knitwear is developed and engineered by craftsmen with over 30 years of experience producing high-grade knitwear for the international market.

After testing and developing various compositions and designs, Brushtail launched its range of luxury children’s knitwear and accessories in 2020.

Due to our craftsmen and designers’ extensive knowledge of producing high-grade knitwear on the scale, Brushtail® is able to create long-lasting knitwear with a luxuriously soft feel.

We here at brushtail are looking forward to supporting you with quality that you can rely on and that’s why each piece comes with a lifetime warranty.


Possum Merino Silk Knitwear

CEO of Brushtail
“Dressing up my three little girls in gorgeous pieces of clothing is certainly a confessed obsession, but I also find it SO important to know that what they wear is warm, comfortable, durable and made of natural fibers and dyes.
So, in designing these pieces I chose to use a unique blend of possum merino and mulberry silk, which is far superior in warmth, durability and softness to merino and cotton.
I am so excited to share this collection with you and hope that your precious little ones get to enjoy these knits as much as mine do and become ‘family heirlooms’ to be passed down the generations.”

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